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Your Room & Facilities

Repairs, maintenance and faults

All maintenance requests must be logged online via the Resident Portal. They will then be attended to as soon as possible.

Internet access

On campus rooms are serviced with either wired or wireless network access. Some locations may provide both wired and wireless options

Access to UTAS sites and networks are available free of charge and without restriction. External internet access is supplied via and eduroam.

For all account, payment and support inquiries please contact Superloop on 1300 738 353 (for further contact details including email, TXT and web chat please see the booklet link below).

For more information refer to the brochure - Pricing, Setup, Payment, Information and Support (PDF 538KB)

Car parking

Limited car parking is available on the Newnham and Sandy Bay campuses. Residential parking spaces are marked with green dots and are sign-posted. Any vehicle parked in residential parking spaces must display a valid residential parking permit or is at risk of receiving a parking infringement notice.

Residential parking permits can be purchased from Student Living. The cost for a residential parking permit is $284 for an annual permit. The permit is valid from the date of purchase until the expiry date printed on the permit.

Eligibility for a residential parking permit is limited to residents of campus-based accommodation. The following student residents are not eligible to apply:

  • off-campus residents
  • homestay residents.

Residential parking permits are valid only at the campus where issued.

Residential parking spaces on the Sandy Bay campus are located at the top of College Road (see the Sandy Bay campus map, reference (grid reference BB39).

The number of residential parking permits issued at the Sandy Bay campus is limited to match the number of available spaces. Residential parking permits will be sold on a 'first come, first served' basis. The permit price is listed above.

Residential parking spaces on the Newnham campus are located at the end of the main car park beside Leprena (see Newnham campus map, grid reference AZ12), on Maritime Way near Investigator Hall (see Newnham campus map, grid reference AH33) and in the car park near building Z (see Newnham campus map , grid reference AV20).

Residential parking permits on the Newnham campus are allocated by Student Living upon request from residents. The price of residential parking is listed above.

The number of residential parking permits issued on the Newnham campus may be greater than the number of residential permit parking. Residents can also choose to apply for a Student Parking permit from the Student Centre. These permits allow students to park in the red dotted areas (availability is limited) should the dedicated residential parking be fully occupied. Please refer to the campus parking map for locations of the red dotted parking areas.