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Homestay Hosting

Hosting through the Homestay program is a wonderful opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to share a cultural exchange with people from all over the world.

Homestay offers a home away from home for students who are enrolled in numerous programs at UTAS, as well as visiting researchers and academics.

Applicants who elect Homestay as their accommodation option can stay from five weeks and up to the length of their course, which can be three years for postgraduate students.

The Homestay Program now offers two models of Homestay, Traditional Model and the Flexible Model. Whether you opt for the Traditional or the Flexible model, the most important aspect of Homestay is that you as the Host still engage with your Homestay resident on a regular basis.

Based on the Traditional and Flexible Models, Hosts need to provide:

Traditional Model

  • one bedroom per student (fully furnished bedroom with bed, bed linen, storage space for clothes, desk, chair, light and heating)
  • close proximity to public transport and commuting time within 30 minutes to the University
  • a welcoming, friendly, and supportive home environment
  • three healthy meals per day for the student
  • Highly desired: Internet/wifi availability

Flexible Model (NO MEALS) - two different options

  1. private single bedroom in home (as in Traditional Model) with all inclusions except NO MEALS; use of home kitchen to prepare own meals OR
  2. self-contained flat options (fully furnished); NO MEALS

What our Hosts receive in return:

  • Financial remuneration of $500 per fortnight (Traditional Model), managed by the University
  • Support from the University and other Homestay Hosts
  • A positive experience of sharing your home and life with a student

How to become a Homestay Host

  1. Complete the online Host application form
  2. Home visit with the Homestay Coordinator
  3. If your application/home visit are successful, complete the required paperwork**
  4. Once paperwork is complete, the Homestay Coordinator will contact you with a potential hosting opportunity – welcome to the program!

**Prior to placement, all current household members over the age of 18 must provide the University with ONE of the following national checks:

  • Police Check
  • Teacher Registration
  • Nurse Registration
  • Tasmanian Working with Children OR Working with Vulnerable People

If you are interested in becoming a Homestay host, or would like further information, please contact us or complete and submit the Homestay Host Application Form.