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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Homestay?

Apply online

How can I make my rent payment?


Homestay payments can be made in person every 2 weeks or 4 weeks by credit card or Australian debit card. Please see your Homestay Coordinator.
Payments can also be made online via the link below. A receipt for the payment will be sent to your email address. The Homestay Coordinator will also receive this receipt.
Payments cannot be made using cash.
Make your Homestay payment online

Can I stay at a Homestay within walking distance of the University?

It is unlikely that your Homestay Host will live within walking distance of the University. Our Homestay hosts live in nearby suburbs and most students travel by bus to the University. Homestay houses are usually within 30 minutes' bus travel to the university.

Can someone pick me up at the airport?

Yes, we can arrange an airport pickup service if flight details are received at least a week before arrival. Sometimes you can be met at the airport by you by your Homestay host. Both services are free of charge.

Can I choose the Homestay family?

Unfortunately, no. Your Homestay family will be allocated based on the information you provide in the Application Form (PDF 154KB) pdf icon. Please put as much information in the form as you can - it helps in finding a suitable host family.
Please include a recent photograph on the front page.

Do I have to share a room with another student or family member?

No, you will have a private room with a desk, bed, lamp, and storage for your clothes.

Will I have a private bathroom?

It is unlikely. In most cases you will share bathroom(s) with the host family.

Can I use the internet in my Homestay?

It most cases, yes. Some hosts, however, do not have the internet connected in their home. In this situation, you will need to purchase a USB internet device.

Is internet use restricted?

Yes. Internet plans are limited in Australia and host families have a download limit every month.
You cannot use the host's internet for downloading movies, TV shows, or streaming unless they tell you it is ok - even in that case, you should be careful how much you download. You should use the internet for email, general web browsing, and Skype.

Do I need to help with chores and cleaning the host's house?

You  will be required to keep your own bedroom clean and tidy, and in some cases you will have to help with chores such as vacuuming or washing dishes after dinner. You should talk with the host about washing clothes.
Homestay accommodation is not a hotel - you are a guest in their home and you should not treat it like a hotel or treat the family like hotel staff.

Can I use the host's kitchen by myself?

In most cases, yes. Your host will teach you how to use the stove, microwave, and other appliances correctly. Please do not use the kitchen until you have learned how.

Can I take a bath every day?

Unfortunately, no. Australia has water usage restrictions. You are welcome to take a shower every day, and you may be able to take a bath once a week. You can discuss this with your host. Showers should be short - no longer than 5 minutes.

Will my host cook food from my country or provide rice every day?

Your Homestay Host may occasionally cook food from your country. Generally, however, you will eat the same food as the host family. This will be varied, and may include different foods from different countries. Hosts may provide rice every day, but you should try to get used to western breakfast foods such as cereal and toast.
You should write any food allergies or foods you do not like on the Application Form (PDF 154KB) pdf icon