Accommodation Services

Apply Online

Homestay accommodation can now be applied for online. The online application is broken up into a number of stages, the information below will help you to understand all the steps required, as well as determine where your application is currently at.

Initial Application

This step is the first step of the process, and is initiated by you. The application will capture all personal details, as well as information to help us find you a suitable host for your lifestyle.

Confirmation and Tentative Reservation

After you have submitted your initial application and our team have processed your request, you will receive an email from us stating that a tentative reservation has been made under your name in one of our homestay rooms. You will be required to complete another form which captures information such as flights and arrival time, as well as some more information about yourself which we will give directly to your homestay host - this is your chance to introduce yourself before meeting in person.

Apply Online