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Who can apply for Homestay?

Homestay is now a successful accommodation option for current/future UTAS students as well as other visitors connected to the university, including:

  • Domestic students
  • International Students
  • English Language Centre (ELC) students
  • Study Tour students (4-6 week intensive programs)
  • Exchange students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Visiting researchers
  • Visiting academics

Homestay accommodation offers both the Traditional Model and the Flexible Model (Offered in Hobart).

Traditional Model - catered ($270/week; Over18 applicants)

  • one bedroom per student (fully furnished bedroom with bed, bed linen, storage space for clothes, desk, chair, light and heating)
  • close proximity to public transport and commuting time within 30 minutes to the University
  • a welcoming, friendly, and supportive home environment
  • three healthy meals per day for the student
  • Possibly included Internet/wifi availability

Flexible Model - non-catered (Offered in Hobart)

  1. private single bedroom in home (as in Traditional Model) with all inclusions except NO MEALS; use of home kitchen to prepare own meals ($235/week)       OR
  2. self-contained flat options (fully furnished; no meals) ($weekly rate varies)

Homestay Accommodation is not guaranteed but subject to suitability and availability at the time of application.

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