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Accommodation Services at the University of Tasmania offers an excellent Homestay program for students studying at the English Language Centre. Homestay accommodation provides a safe, caring, and rewarding environment with an Australian host. Homestay is a great way to experience Australian life, and students benefit from practicing their English with their Homestay hosts and learning about Australian culture.

What to expect in Homestay

Australia is a very multicultural society. Your Homestay host(s) may come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and may not have a ‘traditional’ family structure with a mother, father and two children.

Homestay1Families in Australia are varied - some have only one host parent, some will have host parents from another cultural background, and most of the time the mother will go outside the family home and work during the day. A household may also include other homestay students. Most families have a pet, usually a cat or dog. Pets will often come into the house.

In Homestay accommodation, students have their own bedroom and the bathroom(s). Students are treated as a member of the family, and are encouraged to participate in daily life and activities within the family.

The Homestay host prepares the evening meals and provides students with food to make breakfast and lunch themselves. Students are welcome to cook food from their home country and host families love trying these dishes! 

All Homestay hosts are visited by the Homestay Coordinator. At this meeting the hosts are advised of the Homestay guidelines and hosts must meet strict University requirements. A police check is also conducted. Students living in Homestay are subject to guidelines, which are outlined in the Student Homestay Agreement.

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